100 Almost Free Ways to Appreciate Volunteers

Our KidMin staff brainstormed for 30 minutes on free or nearly free ways we can appreciate our volunteers. Our goal was to come up with 100 ideas! After we took out the duplicate ideas or ideas that did not meet our “nearly free” criteria we didn’t quite reach 100.


  1. Volunteer Picnic
  2. Andy Stanley does your voicemail greeting “This is ___’s voicemail and he’s an awesome volunteer.”
  3. CG in the Main Service recognizing this volunteer
  4. Flash Mob
  5. Button to wear
  6. Backstage Pass for Main Service
  7. “The Kelsey” award (Our Waumba Host is Kelsey & she would recognize in large group.)
  8. Decorate classroom or doorway for birthdays
  9. Lake Potluck Cookout
  10. Sunday Morning Starbucks run for a volunteer
  11. Facebook updates
  12. Wall of fame – post pics
  13. Walk of fame – they walk through a tunnel of high fives and cheers
  14. Free T-Shirt
  15. Wow Trophy – you make a great crazy trophy award and present on Sunday
  16. Phone Call Appreciation
  17. Personal Shuttle Service to and from car
  18. Acknowledge Anniversaries (both volunteer anniversaries & personal)
  19. Volunteer crown of honor
  20. Volunteer Team Picture
  21. Personal Delivery (of something they love)
  22. Furniture on a Sunday for small group (Our small groups sit on the floor. Furniture for a group or group leader would stand out.)
  23. Serenade from worship
  24. iTunes gift card
  25. Text Messages (Pics from Sunday)
  26. Bulletin Board
  27. Write a song about them
  28. Homemade goodies
  29. Public recognition
  30. Sunday off
  31. Free car wash during service
  32. Impromptu Treats
  33. Their own segway (we must know someone to borrow this from?)
  34. Personal visit (bring coffee to their house our office)
  35. Connections gift card (Our bookstore)
  36. Surprise Mariachi Band (sombreros required)
  37. One-on-one meetings/time
  38. Invite them out to spend time away from church
  39. Meet volunteers and kids at a park
  40. Play and cookout
  41. Birthday hat
  42. Reed Porter “awesome volunteer” report (Reed Porter is a KidStuf character. We shoot video of him almost every month so we would shoot a quick shout out to a volunteer while doing that.)
  43. Team thank you note
  44. Redbox code
  45. Favorite drink
  46. Tweets
  47. Somehow serve them
  48. Homemade cookies
  49. Social at your house
  50. Reed Porter “voicemails”
  51. Pray for volunteer
  52. Valentines with pictures of kids from their small group
  53. Game night
  54. Record rest of the team praising them & email them that week.
  55. Lunch with Lead Pastor
  56. Personalize monogram notebook (hand drawn)
  57. Celebrating people in Sunday’s meetings
  58. High 5
  59. Flair (buttons they wear on their lanyards)
  60. Prayer requests
  61. Jibjab Volunteer appreciation using staff
  62. Written words of affirmation
  63. Hugs
  64. Balloons on Sunday
  65. Letter magnets on fridge in Volunteer Central celebrating a volunteer
  66. Highlight on chalkboard in Volunteer Central
  67. “Secret Service” escort throughout a Sunday morning
  68. Singing telegram
  69. Intentional help with a move or something like that
  70. Favorite Candy
  71. Email Bible verse
  72. Hallmark E-Card
  73. Recorded iPhone Video
  74. Individual breakfast
  75. Candy Gram
  76. Picture (of them serving their small group or in their roll)
  77. Double ply Charmin in dressing room (apparently this is a problem in the KidStuf greenroom)
  78. Conversation
  79. $5 Starbucks card
  80. Evite Cards
  81. Flowers
  82. Visit from Andy/Lead Pastor
  83. Trivia posted about that person
  84. Waumba Wish (Grant a wish)
  85. Favorite things (Gather a list of their favorite things and bring one of them in)
  86. Birthday cupcakes
  87. Give them colorful shoe laces.
  88. Take a picture of them with their kids and post on Facebook.
  89. Tell parents what a GREAT volunteer they are as parents arrive to pick up their child.
  90. Ask parents to write notes to this volunteer & present them in a gift bag.
  91. Call their spouse and thank them for supporting this volunteer as they serve. Tell them about all of the great volunteer qualitites you see in their spouse.
  92. Take volunteer’s picture with your mascot and post it. (Grizzle Dizzle from KidStuf.)
  93. Write a cheer for this volunteer. Send it home with kids to learn. Let kids perform it on the stage for their volunteer leader.
  94. Write a “You Rock” song (simple and silly with motions), record it simply in house and send it out to all of the kids. Let them perform it on the stage for their volunteer leader.


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