Back to School With A Green


Greens usually live their best life in the summer. Sleeping in and doing only what they feel like… heaven! Having to wake up early five days a week is gonna be a problem. But if anything can get a green out of bed and excited to get back to school it’s friends. They might not be looking forward to the WORK part of schoolwork, but you could see a glimpse of enthusiasm over reuniting with friends they haven’t seen all summer or getting back to the club, sport, or subject they love most.

In a classroom of kids, a quiet, kind green is easy to overlook, so help your child’s teacher get to know them. One of the free tools that goes along with A Grown-Up’s Guide to Kids’ Wiring is a page of tips you can share with their teacher. Download your child’s “kid bundle” on our website and fill out the “About My Child” worksheet!

How do you get YOUR green kid out the door for school on time?

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