Back To School With A Red

I-Said-You-Heard-Back-to-School-With-A-RedGuess who’s gonna be the first student done with the first quiz of the year? The one assigning teams at recess? The kid organizing club meetings before they’ve even been elected to lead?

Heading back to school gives a red a bunch of new chances to prove they’re the best. Or at least the most efficient. Tests, assignments, and projects are just new challenges to conquer. And reds love to step up to challenges.

Help your red child’s teacher learn how to harness their power for good. One of the free tools that goes along with A Grown-Up’s Guide to Kids’ Wiring is a page of tips you can share with their teacher. Download your child's "kid bundle" on our website and fill out the "About My Child" worksheet!

What’s YOUR red kid looking forward to about the start of school?

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