Christmas Planning 2019 - Preparing for Visitors


How to Turn First Time Christmas Visitors Into Repeat Guests

Every single Sunday the goal of our services is the same...

To earn ONE MORE SUNDAY. And whether you are a lead paster, a worship leader, or a volunteer, YOU HAVE A PART TO PLAY.

So in the weeks leading up to Christmas (when so many new faces fill your rows) WE WANT TO HELP you get ready to turn first-time visitors into returning guests.

Here are some things to TRY:

Get a fresh perspective on your space.

First-time visitors see everything: the chipped paint, the stained carpet, the lack of signage. And first impressions matter—a lot. The condition of your space tells a guest “We’re excited to host you!” A secret shopper can help point out the things you’ve become immune to.

Welcome the skeptics—out loud.

Andy uses phrases like, Even if you don’t believe, If you’re not sure about faith…These little phrases make the skeptics in the room feel welcome. Try sprinkling in phrases like these in the morning announcements and the sermon.

Looking for a few more things to TRY?



Here are some things to AVOID:

Avoid insider language and lyrics.

When a first-time guest shows up and is asked to sing about the blood of Christ, or listen to a sermon about living in the flesh, it can detract from their experience and ultimately undermine your goal of having them return. Be intentional in your message and music choice on Sundays when visitors are more prominent.

Criticizing the views and values of outsiders.

Everybody’s views and values make perfect sense to them. Criticizing, debating, or dismissing the opinions that your guests may have isn’t going to leave them with the best first impression. So go into Sunday assuming there are people who don’t subscribe to all your beliefs, and make it a priority to not offend them.

Looking for a few more things to AVOID?

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