Christmas Planning 2019 - Fuel For You

Feeling depleted this ministry season?

We want to give you a boost... with a little help from Andy of course.

Working in ministry from Fall to Christmas should be considered an endurance sport.


If you are feeling run down, depleted, or unsure if the work you are doing matters in the long run, we want to remind you (in the wise words of Nehemiah):


You are doing a great work!


To offer you a dose of inspiration and encouragement, watch this recent message from Andy at our Drive Conference this past May. In it, he asks the very important question,


What is the faith of the next generation worth?

So as you grind your way through another hectic season of ministry, remember what hangs in the balance.

We are cheering you on from Atlanta, GA.,

The North Point Resources Team


*The Faith of the Next Generation video is part of the 16 ministry talks in the Drive 2019 Conference Collection.

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