Staff Development Essentials Issue 04

Two words that will make you a pro at conflict. And they work whether you enjoy or avoid conflict.

In the first message of his Climate Change sermon series, Jeff Henderson coined the question:
What’s it like to be on the other side of me?
It struck a nerve with our staff. We immediately rolled the question into our annual review conversations; managers asked their employees; and many of us (the really brave ones) took it home to ask our spouses.
In his follow-up message, Jeff took a deep dive into one important facet of that question: how you handle conflict. Whether you’re a conflict enjoyer or avoider, Jeff zeroes in on two words that may forever change how you engage in conflict—especially at work.
Watch Jeff’s 20-minute message, “Stormy Weather,” on our free group study app, Anthology*. Then talk through the discussion questions on the handout with your team.

*What’s Anthology?

We want every community group to have easy access to awesome curriculum. So we offer all of our best group study videos completely free on our Anthology app. Watch on your phone, tablet, or TV.

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