Six Questions

Staff Development Essentials Issue 10

Six Questions Every Leader Should Ask according to Andy Stanley.

What you ask about reveals what you care about.


This is particularly true of the questions you ask over and over again—the one you use to kick off every week’s team meeting or what you ask your kids every day when you walk in the door. What you choose to ask about communicates what you—first and foremost—care about.


Andy has narrowed down “Six Questions Every Leader Should Ask.” Whether you’re leading an organization, a family, or just yourself, these questions may be incredibly clarifying. Download the one-page PDF to find out what they are.


If you’re part of a staff team, volunteer team, or even a parenting team, consider sitting down together to ask:


  • What questions do we routinely ask?
  • Do those questions match what we say is important to us?
  • Are there better questions we could be asking?

And if you have 60 seconds, listen to Andy explain how you could easily be asking the wrong questions at home.

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