Staff Development Essentials Issue 07

Are you defining success unsuccessfully? The one mistake most of us make.

Success as an organization or staff team is pretty easy to define. You have a mission and vision. You’ve probably set some incremental goals to hit along the way. But there’s a subtle twist to the way many of us define success in our own lives that may be the very thing that keeps us from ever achieving it.
In this message, Adam Johnson, lead pastor of our Browns Bridge Church campus, uses a parable we’re all familiar with (plus some raw transparency) to reveal the mistake most of us are making, but few of us ever notice.
Watch Adam’s 28-minute message, “Success,” on our free group study app, Anthology*. Then talk through the discussion questions on the handout with your team.

*What’s Anthology?

We want every community group to have easy access to awesome curriculum. So we offer all of our best group study videos completely free on our Anthology app. Watch on your phone, tablet, or TV.

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