We've Changed our Study Guides. But Why?

One of the reasons we’re such big fans of community is that circles, rather than rows, create real, practical life change. You can appreciate and absorb a message on Sunday morning. But turning it into action—like finally reconciling that broken relationship or making a wiser decision next time—happens when you talk it over with a group of people, face to face in community.

So we had a chat with the folks who support our group leaders. And we asked them how our studies could help group members move from appreciating a message to applying it. What would they change about our study guides? What do our groups and group leaders need?

You can see the result of their feedback in our study guides' new format and look.

  • We created space in our study guides for group members to take notes while watching the week’s video segment
  • We added fill-in-the-blanks to help folks stay on track with the message
  • And the most significant change is the addition of activities (e.g., assessments, action plans, scenarios) to the group discussion

After making these changes, we went back to our local groups and tested. We tweaked. And we’re really proud of where we landed. We hope that by making our guides a bit more interactive, we’ve made the material a bit stickier.

You’ll notice that we gave the guides a slimmed-down look (and price!) and now offer 10-guide bundles too. The hope behind all of these changes is that group members will find it easier than ever to experience practical life-change through community.

Oh!  And more than 100 of our group study videos are now free on our Anthology app. Download it today. 


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