Starting Point - What's Next


    Not meeting in person on Sunday is making it difficult to engage with people who have questions about faith. Did you just say “me too?” Even if you are meeting in person, you likely have people who are hesitant to walk through your doors. Well, our local campuses are trying a few things we would love to share with you.

    1. Digital Starting Point Groups: During this season, we developed 5-week Digital Starting Point groups to allow a safe space for people who are brand-new to Christianity, are processing things having been away from church for a while, or just have questions or doubts about faith and spirituality.

    2. “I’m New” Button: Buckhead Church added an “I’m New” button to their website. This way people watching online can engage with the church and discover how to make Buckhead Church feel like their church.

    3. Facebook Ad: North Point Community Church ran a targeted ad via Facebook. When it came to reaching people in their community through social media, this is the campaign that was the most successful.

      (Facebook Ad Text for you to use) Do you feel alone in your search for faith? Like lots of people, you may have some questions about faith. But you aren’t looking for someone to lecture you on what to believe. You want someone who is helpful, who has been where you are and has questions of their own. If that’s you, we have just the thing. Starting Point is a small, casual group setting where you can discuss your doubts and explore faith, free from pressure and judgment. Digital groups are available now.

      (Facebook Ad Video for you to use)

    Click HERE to download this video to promote Starting Point Digital Groups in your Church.

    Whether you are meeting in person or online, we would love to help your church engage with people in your community. Let us know how we can help.