Story Cards: What’s New?

We’ve been using Story Cards for years to kick off conversation in our groups. Over time, we watched (in awe!) at the clever new ways folks started using them.

Like adapting their own starter questions. And using them on mission trips when language was a stumbling block.

With this update, we’ve tried to capture the best of these “hacks” to make Story Cards more useful than ever.

● 10 Question cards provide a variety of prompts—from easy icebreakers to more personal sharing.

● 50 Image cards capture brand new scenes of everyday life that any group will relate to, so Story Cards can be used at church, at home, at work, and beyond!

​​​It was a thrill to let our users—the real experts—drive the updates this time around. Have fun as you get the group talking!

Story Cards, featuring photos of everyday life, help kick off conversation by giving everyone in a group an easy way to jump-start their replies. Whether with your family, your team, or a group from your church, use Story Cards to get the group talking.

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Still have a question? Or feedback to share?

15 Popular Questions!

We polled our group leaders and have pulled together the top 15 questions they use with Story Cards to get their groups talking. We hope they do the same for you. Enjoy!

Pack Story Cards!

Story Cards are an icebreaker tool we love using in our small groups. And we’ve discovered they’re fantastic for mission trips too!

Because Story Cards use photographs to get groups talking, they’re helpful when language differences may otherwise get in the way. Kick things off with an icebreaker question and let the Story Cards take it from there.