Better Decisions, Fewer Regrets - Sermon Kit | 6-Part

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When we ask ourselves the right questions, answer honestly, then act appropriately, we make better decisions with fewer regrets. But what are the questions we should be asking? In this series, we'll discuss five of them.

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  1. Deciding Our Way Forward

    We never know what or who hangs in the balance of the decisions we make. But we do know that our decisions determine the direction and quality of our life.

  2. The Integrity Question

    The easiest person to deceive is the person in the mirror. But when we do the hard work of being honest with ourselves, we’re on our way to not selling ourselves on a potential regret.

  3. The Legacy Question

    Your life is more than random, disconnected events. It's a story being written. Whether it's a thoughtful response or an emotionally fueled reaction, we write the stories of our lives one decision at a time.

  4. The Conscience Question

    Sometimes an option we're considering creates tension inside of us. When that happens, it can be tempting to ignore the discomfort or brush by it. But instead of doing that, we need to pay close attention to it.

  5. The Maturity Question

    It's human nature to snuggle up to the edge of irresponsibility or disaster and stay there as long as possible. But instead of wondering how close we can get before crossing the line, we need to ask ourselves perhaps the most important question we can ever ask.

  6. The Relationship Question

    There's a question you can ask yourself that will bring inescapable clarity to just about every relational decision you'll bump up against. But a word of warning: it's not for the faint of heart.

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