DRIVE 2019 On-Demand

DRIVE 2019 On-Demand

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Captured at Drive Conference 2019.

Drive Conference is a two-day event for church leaders. Think of Drive as a rest stop to inspire, equip, and refuel you for the road ahead. For more information Drive Conference, visit

This digital DRIVE 2019 On-Demand includes:

  • 4 Main Teaching Sessions featuring Andy Stanley (video)
    • Drive 2019 Main Session 1: Inconceivable
    • Drive 2019 Main Session 2: Why We Worship
    • Drive 2019 Main Session 3: The Faith of the Next Generation
    • Drive 2019 Main Session 4: Living it Out

  • 12 Highest-rated Breakout sessions including (audio)
    • A First Step for Non-Christians
    • Assume They’re In the Room
    • Creating and Delivering Great Student Talks
    • Four Characteristics of an Influential Leader
    • Building a Team of KidMin Volunteers
    • Grow Your Church
    • Multi-Site Strategy
    • Partnering with Parents of Preschoolers
    • Staff Check Up Developing & Keeping a Healthy Staff
    • The Fully Funded Church
    • The Principles of Hiring & Firing
    • Training Volunteers to Think Guest Centric

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