Starting Point

“What Is Starting Point?”
Let's be honest. Conversations about faith are usually off-limits. It's gotten to the point where the church may be the last place you would want to have a conversation about God because you worry that if you say what you really think it’ll offend people.

We want to change that.

Starting Point, is a place where no questions or discussions are off-limits. It's not about a teacher giving you information. It's about a conversation. It's about being with other people like you. And we really mean that. You're free to ask any question you want. This is your opportunity to explore faith freely. It’s not another place where people will talk at you. We wanna talk with you. And we want to know what you really think.

So are you curious about God, Jesus, the Bible, or Christianity? Did you recently begin a relationship with Jesus or have you returned to church after some time away?

Starting Point is for you.

Every Starting Point Group is guided by qualified leaders, but your voice matters to the group. Your thoughts add value. You may even ask the question that someone else is afraid to ask. Starting Point, where your questions about God turn into a conversation about faith.