How's Your Heart?

Staff Development Essentials Issue 05

This question doesn’t usually show up in leadership books. In fact, the last place you heard it may have been your doctor’s office. But your doctor isn’t the only one interested in the health of your heart…
At work and at home, the condition of your heart determines the quality of your leadership. In his book Enemies of the Heart, Andy outlines four emotions—guilt, anger, greed, and jealousy—that may be quietly sabotaging your success as a leader, a spouse, or a parent.
Read a brief recap of how these four emotions affect your leadership on this month’s handout. Then read a free excerpt of Enemies of the Heart, where Andy talks about these emotions through the filter of parenting. He shares some questions you can ask your kids. (Don’t have kids? No worries—we think these questions may be even more helpful for us grown ups).



If you’re feeling ambitious and tackle the entire Enemies of the Heart book, here’s a free leader’s guide with self-reflection questions for each section. 


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