Rules of Engagement Digital Download

Rules of Engagement Digital Download

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Your weekend services are critical to the success of your church. But are you clear about what your service is designed to do? Are you using this time to further your mission and vision? Can you answer the questions: What are we hoping to accomplish during our worship services? What’s the “win”?

In this message, Andy Stanley presents a template for designing your weekend services and challenges you to clarify your win. As you define your “rules of engagement,” you will have your road map for successfully capturing the attention and imagination of your target audience. Every time.


  • Rules of Engagement video message
  • Accompanying handout (originally shared at Drive 2013 Conference)
  • A message from 3 key department directors discussing how these “rules” apply in their environments – Service Programming, Children, and Student Ministry
  • A high-resolution PDF version of the Rules of Engagement poster
  • A sample production order for a North Point weekend service

All content is downloadable. Videos are SD. Estimated download time with a high-speed connection is 15-20 minutes.

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