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Story Cards have been updated. They are now in a more portable size that also enhances use within groups. The cards are now resized to be closer to play cards that can be spread out more easily. The images have also been updated to include more options for group members.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Story Cards can create a thousand ways for anyone to engage. 

Authentic connection can be rewarding, and getting beyond simple conversation to meaningful dialogue can be difficult. With Story Cards, it all begins with an easy prompt. Then, each person chooses an image to represent their answer. And in explaining why they chose their image, they tell a story about themselves—a story that helps people find genuine connection.

Each pack contains 54 Image Cards.


Using Story Cards:

Story cards are designed for answers that can be hard to put into words. Generally, they are feelings or relationship based. They get beyond simple answers like, “good, happy, sad, excited.” They help people tell a story using the picture they select. 

Start small. Like, “How are you today?” Gather details. Engage the group in conversation. Ask follow-up questions. Move into deeper questions as the group feels comfortable.


  • Spread the cards in the middle of the group.
  • Ask a question.
  • Have the group members choose a card to represent their answer.
  • Everyone shares their answers. Leaders go first if needed.
  • Listen well. Invite follow-up questions. Be curious.