Irresistible Church 360° Assessment - On-Site Engagement

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The ICN Team has created a free self-assessment for you to evaluate how well your church is designed to attract and engage unchurched people and inspire them to follow Jesus. It's a 44-question survey that crosses over every major area of your church to help you identify strengths and opportunities.

The assessment is designed around the following areas which include eight total sub-sections:
  • BUILDING A STRATEGIC ORGANIZATION - This section is broken down into three sub-sections: Unchurched Focus, Strategic Leadership, and FOR Our Community.
  • CREATING IRRESISTIBLE ENVIRONMENTS - This section is broken down into three sub-sections: What do guests see? What do guests hear? and What do guests experience?
  • PRIORITIZING INTENTIONAL RELATIONSHIPS - We believe life change happens best in the context of intentional relationships, and small groups provide healthy on-ramps for those relationships to form.
  • INVESTING IN THE NEXT GENERATION - We know this generation of young people will be the next generation of church leaders, so we prioritize and invest heavily in children’s and student ministries.

But, what if you want input from other involved people in your church? And, what if you need an objective third party to help you interpret your results?

With our new 360° assessment, you'll not only take the assessment yourself, but you'll also be able to request input from up to 30 additional people across the categories of STAFF, ELDERS, and VOLUNTEERS. The system will then consolidate the results and show your church's scores and averages across the categories to allow you to contrast your perspective with other invested people in your church.

The 360 Assessment:

  • The Irresistible Church 360 Assessment includes a prep call with the lead pastor to help set up the 360 process with their church. Once the church completes the assessment (at least two weeks prior to the 360 assessment review meeting), our consultant will review the results highlighting important scores, gaps in ratings between the lead pastor and other roles, as well as important themes that stand out as "hidden strengths" or "blind spots."
  • The onsite assessment includes a visit on a Sunday prior to the assessment meeting that would occur the day after. One of our consultants will observe multiple church services so we can experience both the adult and family ministry environments and generate notes based on everything from the parking lot to the sermon from the perspective of a new guest. This can help provide a unique view into the environment. When something is observed that stands out, is positive, or is not consistent with the vision of the church, it can be discussed later with the team.
  • The 360 Assessment review meeting begins with a brief session with the lead pastor to ensure we clarify expectations for our session and understand team dynamics with the staff in case there are any issues or things we need to be aware of. Then we will meet with the leadership team for the 360 review meeting for 3-4 hours. When onsite, we will also have the chance to briefly meet with other teams who would like to discuss results during that same day.
  • To finish up our time we will highlight the top themes including areas to celebrate and gaps to be addressed. We will share recommendations for any potential action items or next steps to address the gaps.

In addition to the professional noted for the On-Site 360°, we will bill the church for out-of-pocket travel expenses associated with the trip.