Faith Full - Basic Sermon Kit | 6-Part

Faith Full - Basic Sermon Kit | 6-Part

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  • 6 Message Discussion Question Handouts (PDF)
  • 6 Message Transcripts (PDF)
  • 6 Message Speaker Notes (PDF)
  • 6 Message Audio Files (MP3)
  • 6 Series Production Orders

People whose faith leads them to trust God in spite of their circumstances are the deepest people you’ll ever meet. In this series, we will explore five catalysts God uses to build enduring, go-the-distance faith.

This kit provides all the resources you need to deliver the content of this message.

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1. Unshakable
We’ve all heard stories of people—or we know people—who have what appears to be unshakable faith.
They have a confidence in God that informs what they do.
Where does faith like that come from?

2. Practically Speaking

It’s one thing to believe and enjoy practical teaching.
But gaining knowledge is not enough to grow our faith —applying it is.

3. It's Personal

Nothing causes us to depend on God more than pushing through our inadequacies to help other people.
When we serve in a ministry we take personally,
we experience God’s power and faithfulness.

4. That Person

Sometimes it seems God drops someone into our lives at just the right time.
The defining moments and seasons of our lives usually revolve around those providential relationships.

5. Pre-Decide

There is no progress without discipline.
And many times, what begins as an "ought to" becomes a "want to."


6. When Life Happens
Wrinkle-free days usually don’t create great faith,
because we don’t know what we actually believe until what we claim to believe is tested.
Those unexpected things life throws our way can end up being pivotal circumstances in our faith journeys.

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