Going Wide Digital Download

Going Wide Digital Download

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Every Sunday people walk onto your campus and determine whether they will return the following week before your preacher even opens his mouth. Many of those people don’t know what to make of Jesus. They’re hesitant to be in a church. They’re not sure they belong. But over and over in the pages of the gospels, we see something extraordinary: People who were nothing like Jesus liked Jesus. Shouldn’t that be true of his church as well?

In Going Wide, Andy Stanley lays out a blueprint for becoming that kind of church. Going Wide offers practical steps to help church leaders create irresistible environments, define ministry goals, and communicate more effectively with unbelievers.

(From Drive Conference 2013)

  1. Creating Irresistible Environments
  2. Rules of Engagement
  3. Double-Barrel Preaching


  • 7 Sessions of Staff Discussion Videos
  • 3 Full-length Messages
  • Staff Discussion Guide
  • Audio Files of Each Message in MP3 Format
  • Message Notes in PDF Format
  • Chapter 1 of Deep & Wide in PDF Format

* Designed for use with Deep & Wide by Andy Stanley

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