Grown-Up Prayers - Basic Sermon Kit | 4-Part

Grown-Up Prayers - Basic Sermon Kit | 4-Part

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  • 4 Message Discussion Question Handouts (PDF)
  • 4 Message Transcripts (PDF)
  • 4 Message Speaker Notes (PDF)
  • 4 Message Audio Files (MP3)
  • 4 Series Production Orders

This kit provides all the resources you need to deliver the content of this message.

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Message Title, Descriptions, and Videos from North Point Community Church

1. Not Like That
At one time or another, we’ve all been told we should pray. But how should we pray? Jesus’s disciples had the exact same question.


2. Give Us
If God already knows my needs, why pray? Because the purpose of prayer is to surrender your will, not impose it.


3. Lead Us . . . Not!
Jesus told his followers to pray to avoid temptation. But before we can pray that with a clear conscience, there are some things we need to ask ourselves first.


4. Help Me See
We want to be open-minded, but we naturally resist things we can't control or don't understand. So how can we learn to be open to changing our ideals and beliefs, especially if we may be wrong about something? It begins with a simple prayer.

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