Irresistible 101

Irresistible 101

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When it comes to a church strategy there are principles, practices, and preferences. 

This masterclass explores those principles that form the foundation of our network. Factors like these bind us together and make our conversations on practices and preferences valuable to us all. And we think these principles are what allow us to evaluate our progress toward our goal of being irresistible. 

People who were nothing like Jesus liked Jesus, and he liked them back. Jesus was irresistible. His message was irresistible. 

It’s our job to represent that same irresistible good news to our communities. Have our churches “achieved” irresistible? Of course not, but we are striving toward that vision so we might win as many as possible.

Irresistible 101 exists to encourage leaders building churches designed to attract and engage people who are far from God.

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