NEW CONTENT:  Preaching Cohort for Lead, Senior, and Campus Pastors

NEW CONTENT: Preaching Cohort for Lead, Senior, and Campus Pastors

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Does your preaching make unchurched people lean in?

Our approach to communication is a primary factor in how people respond to what we are communicating. Good communicators adapt their approaches in order to accomplish their goals. Your goal should determine your approach.

Our goal is to present the Scriptures in a way that is so helpful and compelling that everybody in the audience is glad to have attended and drives away with every intention of returning the following weekend with a friend.

Our approach is to entice the audience to follow us into one passage of Scripture with the promise that the text is either going to answer a question they’ve been asking, solve a mystery they’ve been puzzled about, or resolve a tension they’ve been carrying.

Join this three-part discussion exclusively for Senior, Lead, and Campus Pastors who communicate with adults on Sunday mornings.

Recently, we interviewed some of the best preachers at some of the Partner churches in our Network and asked them about the strengths of their approach. We'd love to share some of that with you and talk about it together.

As a part of this 3-session Cohort, we'll talk about:

  • Being Authentic for Connection
  • Preaching One-Point Sermons
  • Navigating Deadlines
  • Avoiding "Us vs. Them" Comparisons
  • Preaching Hard Truths
  • Conducting Productive Run-Throughs
  • Getting Good Feedback

During each session, you’ll meet with an Irresistible Church Network Consultant and up to 14 other Cohort members to engage in interactive discussion and build on ideas together. To maintain a consistent environment, please do not substitute team members across sessions or invite other members of your team to participate with you unless they purchase a separate cohort seat.