Renovate Digital Workbook

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Are you in a season where you feel stuck? You need a plan—a personal renovation. Check out Renovate (a free digital workbook) to get started!

Have you ever attempted a renovation?

You start motivated and often end the first day with a massive mess on your hands. So, if renovation is so difficult, why do we attempt it?

Over the course of eight sessions, this study will introduce you to the possibility of personal renovation, exploring the foundation and blueprints of God's original design for us.

Renovate, an 8-part group study about exploring the foundation and blueprints of God's original design for us, is adapted from Re:new, North Point Ministries' one-on-one discipleship and mentoring ministry. Re:new has helped thousands of people discover the lies they believed about themselves and God. It has given them tools to experience the freedom and life God intended.

Because of Re:new's great success, we created Renovate as a versatile, eight-week study to be used in a group or one-on-one mentoring setting.

This workbook is designed to help you dig deeper into the teachings found in the free Renovate video studies. It can be used for group study or one-on-one mentoring. To do so, it is recommended that each participant use their workbook.


This is a digital workbook. It includes discussion questions and activities for individual and/or group study and chapter reading that supports the teaching segment of each session.


  1. Check the Foundation
  2. Assess for Damage
  3. Review the Records
  4. Call a Professional
  5. Draw Up the Plan
  6. Demo Day
  7. Take Out the Trash
  8. Hard Hats On

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