Why in the World Premium Sermon Kit | 4-Part

Why in the World Premium Sermon Kit | 4-Part

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Christians believe a lot of crazy things—including that God showed up in a human body and lived among humankind.

But why?

Why would God want to become one of us and live in a world like ours?

A world of anxiety . . .
A world of chaos . . .
A world of heartache . . .

Why would God leave the comfort and recognition of heaven to live in this world? Andy Stanley targets this perplexing question in the 4-part series, Why in the World.

1. To Communicate and Demonstrate
2. Like Son, Like Father
3. Classless
4. Putting Religion in Its Place

This kit provides all the resources you need to deliver the content of this 4-part series. Need help figuring out which type of kit is right for you? Click here.


  • Logos and Graphics (JPEG Format)
  • 1 Sermon Intro Video (MOV Format)
  • 4 Transition Videos (MOV Format)
  • Bulletin Templates (TIFF Format)
  • 4 Message Transcripts (PDF Format)
  • 4 Message Outlines (PDF Format)
  • 4 Message Audio Files (MP3 Format)
  • 1 Series Production Order (Including Worship Sets)
  • Limited License Agreement

All content is downloadable. The content is contained within different folders that you are able to download based on your needs. For a folder sized at 200 MB, the average download time is 2-3 minutes with a high-speed connection.

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