Your Integrity, Our World - Basic Sermon Kit | 6-Part

Your Integrity, Our World - Basic Sermon Kit | 6-Part

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  • 6 Message Discussion Question Handouts (PDF)
  • 6 Message Transcripts (PDF)
  • 6 Message Speaker Notes (PDF)
  • 6 Message Audio Files (MP3)

When integrity gives way, something collapses and people get hurt. That's why your integrity needs to hold up—even if it costs you something.

This kit provides all the resources you need to deliver the content of this series.

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1. The Inescapable Ought
There are times we know we ought to do something, even when there is no written rule. That's because there is an “ought to” that stands outside of you and over you that didn't originate with you.

2. Straighten Up!

Sometimes we’re willing to be bad to keep from looking bad. But when we’re more concerned about our reputations than our integrity, we eventually damage both.

3. The Future for a Bowl of Stew

Our appetites pose a constant threat to our integrity. And if we don't control them, they will shape the direction and quality of our lives.

4. Blameless

The first breach of integrity makes the second breach easier. Before you know it, it becomes a pattern. But there’s a way to prevent it from starting.

5. The Win

It’s easy to look at the outcomes of our decisions and know if we’ve won. But the bigger win happens before you even know the outcome.

6. End Game

It’s possible to be a good person without doing any good, but that’s not good for anybody.

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